5 thoughts on “What your workout says about your social class

  1. SocialDog

    Flavio Carrillo: Hmmm. Not sure where I’d fit in this. I used to lift in my twenties, but so did many of my peers, and we were hardly working class blokes. I’m talking University of Chicago law students here and young professionals.Nowadays I row. (Which I had done a little bit of in college, my UCLA girlfriend was on the crew team even.) Rowing is intensively cardio, but also builds a good deal of strength.I made this switch not because lifting became declasse but because the middle aged me has a slower metabolism and different needs than the young me. Even now I still go to the gym and hit freeweights a couple of times of month…but I’m not likely to ever return to where I was in my twenties so far as that goes.Triathlons, iron mans and the like do not interest me in the least. Too much stress on the joints. A lot of this pure endurance stuff seems to me to be asking rather a lot of middle aged kneecaps. And I do enjoy at some level strength training even now. Swimming could work, but what does that add that I don’t already get from an ergometer?So far as this aspect of the class war goes, I’m AWOL. via plus.google.com


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