It’s not a car

One reason I will eventually move away from my chosen name for the technology — robocar — along with the other popular names like “self-driving car” is that this future vehicle is not a car, not as we know it today. It is no more a “driverless car” than a modern automobile is a horseless carriage. 100 years ago, the only way they could think of the car was not notice there was no horse. Today, all many people notice is that no human is driving. This is the thing that comes after the car.

Why Google's "ridiculous" looking car is brilliant | Brad Ideas.

Seems to me that a neighborhood like ours is perfect for a fleet of Google self-driving cars. La Mesa, where we live, is a city, but it’s an American Southwestern version of a city, built on suburban houses, each on a small tract of land, along with thousands and thousands of townhouses. People travel by car, but shopping and schools are less than 10 miles away. If the car doesn’t go more than 25 miles an hour, well, that’s not much of a problem. Particularly if you can work or go online while you’re being driven around.

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