A homeless person shares advice

Life is not black and white. It is shades of gray. Lying is not fun to do but sometimes it matters to survive. If lying keeps you from dying homeless, then you need to do it. Not huge lies but lies sometimes are nessesary. An example is if you are homeless you have to have an address and a private mail box is an address and if they ask you for an address for banking, for your drivers license, etc. you just tell them that is your new residence even though you don’t live there. If you are asked why you are parked somewhere for sleeping purposes and are questioned, just tell them you are sleeping there before work for a quick nap and that you will move on so you don’t get arrested. Sometimes lying is important to do. Same on applications. If you are over qualified, don’t let them know that. Just say you moved or lived somewhere else before or were traveling if they question you about your work gap. Lying sucks but it sometimes is imperitive to survival. I hate lying but this is the lesson I am learning now that I have no home. No home sucks. Survival is goal 1. Truth is a thing for people with jobs and the ability to survive without lying. Only lie if you have to but it is nessesary. A terrible lesson to learn this way.

LPT: A hard decade shows some important life tips. This is what I have learned. Please learn from my mistakes.

And a harsh response from a formerly homeless person:

LPT: Cautionary tales are one thing, but taking “pro tips” from a homeless person that he typed out on a borrowed computer, before he eats scraps, probably isn’t the person to take advice from.

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