A clue about a Minnie mini-mystery

Minnie hasn’t eaten much of her last three meals. Only about a quarter as much as usual.

I was a little concerned about this, but not a lot. It’s an ongoing pattern with her. She’s an intermittent eater. She’ll eat heartily for a few meals in a row, and then just nibble at a couple, and then go back to eating hearty again. I always (metaphorically) hold my breath during her picky periods, but she always comes through fine.

However, picky eating three meals in a row is unusual for her.

The vet says as long as she otherwise seems fine, we should wait until she hasn’t eaten for two days straight before bringing her in or taking any other steps.

So three meals in a row where she just nibbles? Something to keep an eye on but not anything to worry about — yet. Especially considering she seems fine otherwise. As a matter of fact, this morning she was downright peppy. She ran me ragged.

I was puzzling over her behavior this morning, and then I realized:

She has had unrestricted access to the cat food dishes several minutes per day for the past couple of days.

Oho. A clue.

I shared my insight with Julie and Julie said oho, that explains why the cats have been unusually affectionate.

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