Great weight-loss and fitness advice from a woman who lost 90 pounds

ChKelley, posting to Reddit: 90 lbs lost. This is everything I wish I had heard when I was starting my weight loss journey. [long post] : loseit

I could have written nearly all of this myself. The major significant difference between her process and mine is that she’s on a more rigorous exercise plan. I just go for a brisk walk an hour a day.

The absolute worst thing a splurge day can do is make you give up. If you give up because you had one bad day it is the same thought process of “I missed one day of work and won’t get paid for that day, I might as well never work again.” Now you know thinking that is stupid, so why would you think that way about living a healthy lifestyle? Yes lifestyle. You are not on a diet, you are changing your relationship with food and your activity levels permanently. In the time that it takes you to reach your goal weight you are going to have a smaller calorie limit than when you decide that it is time to maintain. Like I said I was eating a net of 1150 until I decided to maintain and now net around 1600 with exercise. In that sense you are on a “diet” but when you maintain you are not going to go back to the way you were eating before because you “made it.” And honestly by that time you won’t want to.

These points have been key to my successful weight loss. Sometimes I cheat and eat calorific food. Sometimes I go crazy for a whole day, particularly when I’m traveling on business, where I’m essentially alone, surrounded by rich food, and sleep-deprived. When that happens, I just get back with the program the next day. Or as soon as I can. I continue to weigh myself weekly, or more often when I suspect I may have gained weight.

Like ChKelley, I eat the same as I did when I was losing weight; I just eat a little more. One of the ways people sabotage themselves with weight loss is they think of themselves as being on a “diet,” a temporary eating plan, and when they’re done they go back to their old eating habits. And then of course they put the weight right back on again.

Also, as ChKelley notes, after a while you lose your taste for overeating and for junk food. In 2007, if you showed me a bowl of Doritos, I would’ve eaten the whole thing. Now, I’m mildly repulsed by even one. I genuinely enjoy my fruit and cottage cheese in the morning, apples, carrots and nuts in the afternoon, and fresh vegetables with dinner.

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