New leadership at Google+ suggests it’ll be integrated into other Google services

That’s just my gut feeling based on the background of Dave Besbris, who replaces Vic Gundotra at the top. Besbris has an engineering background, rather than marketing or management, suggesting he’ll be in charge of integrating and building rather than evangelizing.

Network World: As Gundotra departs, Google+ gets a new leader 

This is a good move for Google. It fits a strategy of breaking monolithic social networks into more focused components, as Facebook is doing with Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It allows successful Google+ products, like Hangouts and Photos, to get free of the problematic Facebook-like Google+ stream. And it will reduce friction between Google+ and other parts of Google. 

Google has kinda-sorta positioned Google+ as a business social network,  like Yammer or Jive. It’s part of the Google Apps suite. That future is unclear now (which isn’t to say it was clear before). 

Network World: Google+ tremors rattle Apps suite

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