XKCD doesn’t understand free speech.


Will Shetterly: “I have a legal right to try to silence everyone I want to, but I have a moral right to ensure that no one is silenced, no matter how much I disagree with them.”

The original cartoon was a reference to the Brendan Eich/Netscape controversy.

Eich’s situation is unusual because he espoused a view that was mainstream at the time he promoted it — and still is. The Pope agrees with Eich. Everybody loves the Pope.

I’m foursquare in favor of same-sex marriage, but also in favor of the right to express political views. There are views that I can imagine disqualify a person from holding the top job at a company like Mozilla, but I’m not convinced Eich falls into that situation. Being uncertain, I favor erring on the side of more freedom of expression. Eich should not have been pressured to resign.

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