I finished the final draft of my first novel this weekend.

I finished the final draft of my first novel this weekend.

The title: Iron Star.

I also mocked up a cover, and wrote a draft of the jacket copy.

Here’s my first pass at a cover. It may also be my final pass. I’m satisfied with it, at least for the moment.

The original art is by DiversePixel, aka an Australian artist named Yvonne. She also did the art that that was the basis for the cover of my earlier ebook, the short story, “Mr. Shaddo.” She does a nice job with science-fiction and fantasy cityscapes.

And here’s a draft of the jacket copy:

Short description: In a far-future medieval world, Aleksei Feodorov Bychkov fights goblins to restore his honor.

Long description: Aleksei Feodorov Bychkov once had a beautiful family, and a place in the elite Cerulean Corps.

But that was a long time ago. Now, Bychkov wears the Iron Star, a symbol of disgrace.

Bychkov prowls Stalitsgrad, the capital city and jewel of the Nyebastrov Archipelago. His self-imposed mission: Hunt the goblins who stalk the city, preying on its human inhabitants.

Like Bychkov himself, the Nyebastrov Archipelago has seen better times. A terraformed bubble floating high in the atmosphere of Saturn, the Archipelago was once an outpost of an advanced human civilization. But Bychkov and its other inhabitants now fend for themselves in a medieval society. Some of the artifacts left by the Predecessors who built the Archipleago are tools that are still powerful – when they work. Others, like the goblins, are dangerous threats.

Join Bychkov’s adventure as he searches for honor, companionship, and love in the distant future. Read Iron Star now.

The next step is to get the novel copy-edited. Fortunately, I have a copy editor in the house, who’s graciously agreed to go through it.

I plan to have the book up for sale on your favorite online bookstore as soon as the copyedit is complete. I’m also thinking about doing a print version, using CreateSpace or something like it.

And while you wait for Iron Star, try my already published ebook short stories: “Mr. Shaddo” and “The Biggest Man in Lilliput.”

3 thoughts on “I finished the final draft of my first novel this weekend.

  1. Yvonne

    Hello Mitch,
    I am glad to see you’re using one of my stock images for your new book cover again. Thank you for that… also for your kind words about my work. I appreciate that! 🙂


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