Monthly Archives: July 2012

Here’s the cover for my next ebook, “Mr. Shaddo.”

With work being crazy-busy I took a break from creative writing for a few weeks. But I made a five-day weekend out of Independence Day, and took the time to get back into making “Mr. Shaddo” into an ebook.

The next step was to finish the cover.

I previously asked for help picking a font for the cover. What I learned from that exercise was that none of my font choices were right. The font made the cover say, “This is a noir science fiction story, dark and moody.” And it is noir, and science fiction, and dark, but not moody. It’s a comedy. So I had to rethink the whole thing, and I arrived at the cover you see above, which I like. And even if it’s not the best possible cover it’s time to stop fiddling with it and move on.

Sunday evening, I worked with Legend Maker to convert my Microsoft Word manuscript into a .mobi file for the Kindle and an ePub for Nook. I was unimpressed with Legend Maker my first time through making an ebook. But I was wrong. Legend Maker is priced at $30 (I paid more for it), and it produces ebooks nearly with one click. I’ve read that producing ebooks with Calibre is also very easy, and Calibre is free. On the other hand, I have Calibre, and nothing about it is easy. I’m happy to have Legend Maker so I don’t have to worry about figuring out Calibre.

Next steps:

More proofreading. I noticed some glitches in the ebook.

I need to come up with a blurb and other marketing copy. This will be tricky because the story doesn’t fit in any neat subgenres. It’s not space opera or cyberpunk or a vampire romance or something else that’s explained in a single word or phrase. I need to think about how I explain to people what the story is about, and why they should want to read it. (“Read it because it’s AWESOMETASTIC!!!,” while true, is not helpful.)

When that’s done, I need to post it to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, and announce it here and all over the Internet.

Until then, if you haven’t yet read my previous ebook, “The Biggest Man in Lilliput,” give it a try, why don’t you? I guarantee it won’t give you any social diseases.

By the way, I mentioned things were crazy-busy at work. I’m not comfortable talking about that here yet; I feel the need to announce it elsewhere on the Internet when the time is right, and then I’ll let you know about it here. But it’s no secret what I’m doing.