Monthly Archives: May 2012

I finished another novel draft

It’s just a rough draft. I need to go back and do two more rewrite passes before it’s ready to go out to beta readers. Then two more passes to work in revisions and do final polish. Then one more pass after that for a final copy-edit.

At least, that seems to be my pattern so far.

If you’re keeping track, that’s one short story published, “The Biggest Man in Lilliput.” Follow the link to where you can read a sample and buy it as an ebook. I also have three more stories nearly in final draft, just waiting for a copy-edit and cover from Julie. And three novels in various stages of draft form.

That’s just crazy. Too many drafts, not enough finished work.

Until now, I’ve been trying to both revise past work and create new drafts. I worried if I stopped creating new material, I’d have trouble starting again. But now I see that wasn’t working for me, so I’m going to start focusing on revising and getting stories published before I resume writing new work.

I’m pursuing self-publishing for all of this work. I’m just not interested in running the traditional publishing gauntlet at this stage of my career.

Announcing “The Secret Project” and “The Other Secret Project”

For the past six weeks or so, I’ve been working on two secret projects, which I called “The Secret Project” and “The Other Secret Project.” Because I’m all clever coming up with codenames and stuff.

They’re both Web sites, published by my wonderful employers, the DeusM business unit of United Business Media.

Educational IT is an online community for IT decision-makers in K–12 and higher education. It deals with using information technology in schools, including social media, Internet video, tablets, networks, PC deployment, and more. It deals with a broad range of subjects, some technical, some social and experimental. EdIT launched May 3. It’s sponsored by AMD.

Intelligent WAN is an online community for network engineers who build and maintain networks for organizations with multiple sites. It covers application optimization, application prioritization, perimeter security, MPLS IP networks and MPLS IP VPNs and more. Don’t worry if you don’t know what those things are; they’re very important to our community. iWAN launched Wednesday. It’s sponsored by XO Communications.

Both sites feature DeusM’s usual zesty mix of blogs, message boards, chats, white papers, and videos.

What happened to The CMO Site, you ask? Nothing. It’s right there, still the premier community for using technology for marketing.

So that means I’m editor-in-chief of three sites, which keeps me busy.

EdIT and iWAN are both looking for bloggers and community leaders. If you’re interested in becoming part of the community, drop me an email at work,