I’m simplifying

I’m taking a break from my writing group, the Penny Dreadfuls. Sunday’s meeting will be my last one for a few months at least. I’m burned out.

Also, I took a step to remove pressure on myself to keep this blog updated. As long as the blog was the home page of mitchwagner.com, I felt obliged to keep it updated a couple of times a week, which I have not been doing, which made me feel like I’d let myself down. So instead, I converted mitchwagner.com to a nameplate site. That’s a fancy way of saying I made the “About Mitch Wagner” page into the site home page, and moved the blog to a secondary page, at mitchwagner.com.

I now feel free to not update the blog for weeks at a time, because it’s not hanging out as the home page. I’ll update it when I have something significant to say. But I’m doing nearly all my personal blogging on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media nowadays.

I know that’s a controversial decision in some parts, to blog outside of one’s own personal domain. I understand the dangers of giving up control of my content like that. But, as I said, I’ll continue to cross-post significant posts like this one on mitchwagner.com. And for me it seems to be a choice between doing my personal blogging on social media, and not doing personal blogging at all.

Professionally of course I blog at The CMO Site, and do a decent volume of it too.

In another effort at simplification, I’ve been cutting back on checking social media. For a while I was limiting myself to two checks a day. I’ve been creeping back up in volume, but nowhere near checking at the rate I did before, when I often checked a dozen times a day.

Monday I felt relaxed, and yet worked hard and was very productive. It felt odd. I’m addicted to stress, and like anything you’re used to, it’s tough to change, even when change is for the better and you’re immediately rewarded.

What will I do with all that free time? I have ideas. One idea is I’d just like to relax. Sometimes I just like to sit and read, or watch TV for a few hours at a time. I hear people still do that.

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