Day one of my productivity experiment was a success. I think.

For those of you who skipped yesterday’s post: I read an interesting story about how successful people don’t work longer hours than their counterparts; they’re just more focused. And they aren’t even focused the whole time they’re working; just a lot of the time. And the successful people devote a lot of time to just relaxing.

Put it that way, it sounds pretty simple. Just common sense. But it seemed insightful to me at the time.

So I tried it out Sunday and Monday. Most mornings, I get to work right away, but Monday I eased into it, spending a short time fooling around on Facebook and Twitter before diving in — that would be the “relaxing” part — and then doing my best to focus myself 100% on work for a long time. And I did feel more focused.

But the distractions accumulated as the day went on. Emails came in that needed my drop-everything attention. Several times a day, I need to stop what I’m doing and make a sweep of The CMO Site’s message boards, reading and responding to new messages. I need to devote a big block of time in the morning just to reading the business, marketing, and technology news just to identify trends and stories to pursue. I had two scheduled meetings, plus one impromptu phone call. And there was my lunch break in mid-day followed by my exercise break in the afternoon.

All of that conspires to prevent achieving mind-like-water flow.

I think I got more work done in less time than usual. But I still had a lot of writing to do after dinner. My goal is to be finished work by dinnertime most nights.

I’ll stick with it, and try to find a rhythm.

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