The sanest man running for President: Gary Johnson, Republican

Is This the Sanest Man Running for President? by Lisa DePaulo, GQ

He climbed Mount Fucking Everest with a broken leg. So you think anemic polling numbers and a tiny campaign chest is gonna spook this guy?

As presidential candidates go, Republican New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson seems to be the best of a bad lot. I can even see myself getting enthusiastic about him.

He’s correct on Culture War issues: He’s pro-choice. He favors civil unions. I’d be happier if he favored legalizing same-sex marriage. But civil unions are a start.

He wants to “stop pissing away money on border patrols and erecting fences and walls across the Mexican border, and let immigrants earn work visas ‘and actually contribute to our economy.’”

He wants to end the Perpetual War and bring the troops home.

Personally, he seems like a decent man with a lot of integrity, and as a two-term state governor in New Mexico, he has executive experience.

On the negative side — and this is a huge negative: He’s a hardcore libertarian. He wants to slash government by nearly half and shut down the Department of Education. But his views are no more poisonous than the crony capitalism that currently prevails in Washington. When you’re looking at a government that gave a trillion dollars to bankers who nearly destroyed the economy, you’re looking at a government where the bar for too-crazy-to-hold office is set pretty low.

Outside of New Mexico and political junkies, Americans haven’t heard of Johnson because the mainstream media anoints who’s worthy of being taken seriously as a candidate and who isn’t, and Johnson isn’t considered serious. As a two-term successful state governor he should be considered a serious candidate and included in the debates, even if his numbers are polling low. Just another thing that needs fixing in the election process.

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